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7 Basic Multipurpose Tools for Practical Travelers

7 Basic Multipurpose Tools for Practical Travelers


When you travel a lot, it’s advisable to stay “self-contained,” especially if operating on a tight budget. You should carry the essential items that you might need during your travel to shield you from incurring additional expenses. In this list, we outline the best multipurpose tools that you should have as a practical traveler. 

Ergonomic Travel Pillow

A washable travel pillow is one of the essential travel gears in your suitcase or backpack. This tool supports your neck and head when you fall asleep, preventing your head from falling forward and your neck from over bending. Both adults and children can use it on bus trips, airplanes, cars, trains, or even during camping. It’s also perfect while waiting at airport terminals, watching TV, and even for people in wheelchairs. 

Water Bottle with Pill Organizer

A good water bottle allows you to quench your thirst and take medications while on the go. If you have one with a pill organizer, you can have drugs for each day of the week. It also comes with a 600ml cap, which doubles up as a cup.

Travel Clothesline

To cut expenses during your travel, learn to do your laundry on the go. This is possible in a bathroom sink, or you can visit a Laundromat. Instead of paying for Laundromat dryers, you can save money by using your own clothesline to dry your laundry. This universal tool is easy to make, and it can help you reduce your travel costs significantly. For best results, avoid clothes made from cotton because they dry slowly and develop creases.

Space-Saving Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags allow you to pack more and save space in your suitcase. It’s advisable to carry at least three different sizes, a few pieces of each. Small ones will hold your pocket stuff during airport security checks or while swimming. You can also use them to keep your food safe. The larger pieces can carry your washcloths, books, dirty laundry, and any other thing that you should protect from bad weather. 

Besides, large ziplock bags can serve as makeshift packing bags and help you save space in your suitcase. Pack a few t-shirts inside and press the bag to remove as much air as possible, then close it all the way. 

Hard-Shell Rolling Carry-On Suitcase

This is a must-have for every traveler. The hard-shell version of suitcase is preferable to the soft one, especially during bad weather. It is waterproof and protects your belongings in case it rains. You can get an expandable version of the hard-shell suitcase, which allows for extra space even when you think it’s already full. 

Backpack with Padded Straps

In addition to a suitcase, you need a backpack with two padded straps. This one spreads the weight evenly on your back and minimizes chances of plopping off, especially during camping. It also allows you to remain hands-free as you explore various routes and locations. 

Traveling is an adventure, and how you organize yourself can make a difference in the outcome of your trip. With the best multipurpose tools mentioned in this article, you can have memorable travel experiences.