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6 Tools Every New Homeowner Should Get

6 Tools Every New Homeowner Should Get


As a new homeowner, you should start building your toolbox. But do you know the essential tools that you should have? Whenever you have to perform some DIY tasks in your home, you’ll need a well-equipped toolkit to help accomplish the purpose. In this list, we outline the indispensable tools for every homeowner. 

Cordless Driver/Drill

Occasionally, if not regularly, you would need to fix various items using screws or to drill a hole on another object or on the wall. In both activities, you need a cordless drill or driver. This tool comes handy when you want to fix loose cabinet doors, doorknobs, mounting wall hangings and pictures, and many more. 


For basic DIY projects in your home, you just need two hammers. One should be heavyweight and another lightweight. Remember to always use the correct hammer for the right nail. A bigger nail requires a heavier hammer. For outdoor activities, such as construction and remodeling, a basic claw hammer is just fine. Similarly, a pin hammer, which is lightweight, can help you in driving in small fasteners, such as tacks and pins.

Adjustable Crescent Wrench 

Two adjustable wrenches would be enough to help you tackle most of the home DIY activities. You can adjust them to suit various sizes of nuts and bolts, so you probably don’t need to buy a whole set of wrenches. You can also get a self-adjusting wrench. This model regulates accordingly based on the size of the bolt you’re dealing with. 


In your own home, you’ll have to maintain your lawn to keep your yard clean and neat. The exact yard care tools you need depend on the climate of the area where you live. So, other tools, such as pruning shears, rakes, and shovels, might come handy. However, regardless of all that, one important tool you need is the lawnmower. Lawnmowers are available in different types, including manual, electric, gas, or battery-operated. Choose a mower that works best for your budget and yard.

Spirit Level

This tool is essential for giving accurate straight measurements; otherwise you’ll be hanging mirrors, artworks, and shelves in a tilted manner. To avoid that disappointment, use a laser level, and everything will come out straight. If you’re on a budget, you can find a relatively reasonable level from Amazon. If you’re willing to pay a premium, you can get a laser level in the market, which can deliver horizontal, vertical, or cross line. This tool can help you hang your items at evenly spaced distances.

Staple Gun

Whether you’re re-taking your carpet or just installing some insulation sheet, a staple gun is what you need. This machine comes handy for any quick fastening job. Manual staple guns are easier to use, less expensive, and portable. However, electric staple guns are also available in the market.

Acquiring a new home is one thing, but maintaining it is another. With the utensils in this list, you can accomplish most of the DIY home tasks with ease, as these are the most basic tools for every homeowner.


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