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5 Tools You Should Keep in Your Car at All Times

5 Tools You Should Keep in Your Car at All Times


Once you hit the road with your car, you should also prepare for any eventuality that might arise. By keeping a collection of basic tools in your vehicle, you can solve small issues which usually appear, such as having a flat tire or a loose bolt. The following are 5 basic tools that you should keep in your car at all times.

A Spare Tire

This is your number one essential tool to keep in your car’s trunk. A spare tire comes handy when you accidentally have a flat tire or have a problem with one of the wheels. The spare tire must be properly inspected to ensure that it’s inflated to the required psi. There should be no leaks. Using a tire cover case protector can further shield your spare tire from exposure, which could be damaging to the sidewalls.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Even with a spare tire, you still need a tire pressure gauge to ensure that all your tires are correctly inflated. If you’re going to change your tire after a flat, this tool comes handy to help you fill it to the right capacity. A pressure gauge works by measuring the force of air produced by the tire when it’s attached to the valve. Different tires have various capacities, often measured in PSI.

Multi-Drive Wrench

This multipurpose wrench rules them all. It’s an all-in-one tool that can handle different sizes and types of nuts and bolts. The instrument features a four-sided revolving spline, a fixed small socket spline, and a larger interchangeable spline head. Besides, it weighs only a few pounds, which makes it very portable.

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

This tool can help you solve a number of activities whenever you’re stuck in your car. Whether you need to strip or bend wires, cut plastic, or open beer bottles, the tool comes handy to help you with any hurdle. Additionally, it has two types of pliers, knives, a saw, multi-bit screwdriver, wire cutters, and a pair of scissors. 

Chain or Rope

These two tools can be used as a tow strap in case your vehicle breaks down. They can help you save money on towing charges if you find a good Samaritan or a friend to tow your car home. Besides, you can also use the rope to secure a bulky item that you might be carrying in your car. Simply go to a store or a shopping mall, and you can get the desired length of a rope or chain.

Lug-Nut Wrench

Earlier in this article, we mentioned the problem of having a flat tire. Now, you cannot change a tire without a lug-nut wrench. This should be part of your safety kit just as much as you need the pressure gauge. This tool is designed to match the lug-nuts that secure the wheel to the axle. If you lack this in your tool kit, then you should have it. Without it, you’ll have to call for assistance when you develop a flat tire, which could be costly.

This list of basic tools that you should keep in your car at all times might not be exhaustive. But it can help you minimize your hassle in looking for solutions when emergencies arise.