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These Are the Most Interactive Toys for Your Pet

These Are the Most Interactive Toys for Your Pet


Pets, just like us, want to have fun and play. Maybe your dog got bored with its ball, or your cat is tired of that old scratcher, and your parrot is looking kind of glum in his cage. To bring some excitement in your furry or feathery companion’s life, here are some of the most interactive toys for your pet that you can buy.

Toys That Dispense Food

These toys can be stuffed with treats or kibble to motivate your pet to start playing. The design of the toys forces your pet to be creative and use its animal instinct while it tries to get the mini-prizes. This will also help if your companion has problems eating slower, and thus, it will have fewer digestive issues or weight gain.

Foraging toys come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and the treats can be either hidden, threaded on a skewer, stuffed in a hole, or just put in the toy.

Manipulative or Puzzle Toys

The difference between puzzle toys and treat-dispensers is that the later provides even more mental stimulation. Your four-legged friend has to move around the ball in a certain way or open a drawer, spin a wheel, or other forms of manipulation to get to the food. It actually requires the pet to solve the puzzle; otherwise, it does not get the reward.

Manipulative toys come with different levels of complexity, so it is important to start at a lower difficulty first to encourage your pet. If the toy is too complex, they will lose interest quickly.

Electronic Motion Toys

There are various types of electronic toys which are shaped into cute fluffy birds or mice that move around powered by batteries. This will attract the attention of your dog or cat and bring out their natural hunting instincts while leaving the local wildlife alone. The toy can also include electronic sound modules that imitate the sounds of other animals.

Hide and Seek Toys

One of the best interactive toys for your pet is a hide and seek toy, as both the owner and his companion can have fun. Hide-and-seek toys are based on the fact that animals like to find their things as they feel they earned them.

These toys come in many shapes and sizes, with removable pieces. You can encourage your pet to take out the smaller pieces, or you can hide them throughout your home and play a game of hot and cold with treats.

Responsive Toys

Responsive toys usually look like balls, but they have various features, such as a built-in collision detector to prevent it from getting stuck in floor obstacles and sensors to move the toy if it senses the presence of your pet.

Some have motion-activated lights, produce various sounds, or emit sounds and giggles when it’s rolled or moved by your pet.

If you are looking to make your little friend happier, toys are a great way to keep them energized and playful. Don’t forget to add to your next shopping list one of these interactive toys for your pet.