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Best Hiking Equipment

Here are some of the must-have things for hiking that you must pack for your trip.

Warm Clothes

Keeping warm is essential to any outdoor excursion, rain or shine.

First Aid Kit

Always be prepared even on paths that do not appear dangerous.


The right hiking boots should be comfortable and have superior grip.


Swimming is a great way to stay in shape without the high impact on your joints that other exercise offers.

About Us

Dan Frack of FandROutdoors.com has been living on the Big Island for almost 20 years making his mark. After having two wonderful daughters, he had a brief stint in Oregon where he continued his business. After moving back to the Big Island in 2003, he was eager to get back to work. In 2011, Dan married the love of his life Rebecca Frack, and she is his better half. Together they run Frackenstein Designs together, with Rebecca running the business side and Dan making furniture and completing the services. It’s truly a family business.

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